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Hello He….I mean Holidays

28 Oct

Yesterday involved our big store meeting to prep for the Holiday season. It was mainly employees who have been with us the last several months along with a few Seasonal hires that we bring on for the busy season. A few missed the meeting for various reasons.

While discussing with the group the up coming chaos i realized that there is very little you can do to prep. Perhaps one of the biggest misunderstandings of the Retail model is that you can never have enough people to meet the demands of the customer base. So realistically the best method for having a staff ready is to ensure they know their jobs.

In my store, this means knowing how to, and in no particular order: Organize merchandise; File Merchandise; Have a knowledge of product; Good Detective skills to ensure success with questions and needs; Ability to quickly and accurately discover product knowledge; Find product and ring the customer through. This isn’t a very descriptive list, but it goes to show what all needs to be done to make the night work.

This doesn’t even cover having a constant happy face or learning to defuse a already tense situation from someone who doesn’t have the time to deal with you in a civilized manner. I tend to prep a lot of my Seasonal staff through Midnight launches of games. These are very hectic events that have the organization and flow of a Marching Band in many ways. But even those don’t do an effective job training all of the staff.

So last nights meeting took on a very specific focus: Welcome to Hell.