NaNoWriMo 2013

2 Nov

So around this time each year i attempt to accomplish Nanowrimo.  This isn’t exactly a small task.  The objective is to write a 50K novel over the course of a month.  Learn to turn off your inner editor and write.  The problem for me is not my inner editor.  The problem for me is sucking it up and getting down to writing.  That and November being the breaching of hell in Retail.

That’s right.  Welcome to the beginning of one of the hardest months in retail.  Although December is by and far the most difficult month, there is a lot of preparation that goes into this month.  Black Friday, the retail equivalent of a Twilight movie release that had the film break five seconds in, is just a bit on the stressful side.  Angry people who want something for less than they feel it is worth are going to get in your face over the fact that you only had ten copies and they are number eleven.

But in Game retail, the month is even a bit harder.  See developing studios feel the need to release their games close enough to Christmas to market it effectively while far enough away to ensure that the game doesn’t backslide do to the money being spent elsewhere.  What this means for me is that the end of October to the second week of November is a crush of games that all tend to be Blockbuster titles.

Now, what does this have to do with Nano?  Glad you asked.  Normally, at least while at the Pet Company i worked for, November was a somewhat easy month.  Although things got stressful, the way things work in that area means lots of last minute purchases since you can’t have the pet till almost right at Christmas.

But in my industry, November is bogged down with 6 day work weeks and major crushes of game releases.  So taking the time to work out a book idea and flush it into a full release tends to be a bit more than i can handle on a daily basis.

But it isn’t more than a Blog can handle.

Now, i’m not claiming this is really the stuff of Novels nor that i can really claim this as a Nano completion.  But the key to Nano is to write.  So i am doing my best to commit to a daily update of the blog over the course of the Month.  Hopefully this works out well.


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