Who won E3?

2 Jul

So being part of the Game Retail business, E3 is the major event of the year.  As a result people come in afterwards and ask me, “Who do you think won?” (Some of them actually just ask me if i realized that [game console company] actually won, but i digress.)  The problem with this question is that really there is no contest.  Each company comes and shows their wares in hopes of encouraging people to buy their product in the long run.  Wii U released Mario Kart 8 right before E3, and could appear to some to actually be the winner if just examining console growth.

But at the end of the day the only thing that declares a winner is fiscal numbers that show what is selling and who is buying and who sold the most of what.  Can’t really determine that number from E3 since none of the games will release for another two to three months.  But in our competitive genre(and nothing more competitive than gaming right?) we feel that a winner must be declared.  So i stand before you to declare one solid point.

They all lost!

That'll Hurt

That’ll Hurt


To be blunt, there wasn’t a whole lot of victory from the Console side of things.  Microsoft and Sony had a pretty weak showing of current year titles to get people energized for their systems.  Although there are quite a few third party games coming out for both, it doesn’t help the frustrated gamer decide which system to buy for.  Nintendo did a good showing with their First party games, but disappointed many when they realized that they would still have to go elsewhere for the 3rd party games they were pumped for.(The Ubisoft announcement probably hurting the worst since they had been a long time Nintendo supporter.)

It was bothersome to say the least when it comes to console choice.  But the good news was that there was plenty of games that attracted the eye.  With impressive line ups from Activistion,EA,Ubisoft,Blizzard, and 2K gamers have plenty to look forward too.


Sadly i still won’t be able to actually help you decide which system to buy.


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